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Language: partly English, partly Dutch

This zine collages together fragments of quotes, images, resources that emerged during a collaboration between Maxlab and Constant diffracting their practices in an attempt to open new perspectives and visions that could feed into the work of Maxlab.
The material is grouped around three main axis: Immersion (Immersie), Accessibility (Toegankelijkheid) and Cocreation (Cocreatie). Frictions, dissonances and diffractions are incentives for continuously changing research conditions. The zine proposes dif-fracturation as a method: overlaps, intra-actions, esclamations, divides, slashes, doublings, contradictions, breaches, dissimilarities, inequalities, commas, intervals provocations and unclarities; they can be active invitations for conversation and further research.

Text contributions by: Martino Morandi, Elodie Mugrefya.

Graphic design and editing: Femke Snelting + Peter Westenberg

Made possible by: MAXlab, KASK Antwerpen