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Openbaar Schrijver

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In February 2010 one could pay a visit to the writer’s office of Ana Foor in Bibliotheek Sans Souci and confess a story. Ana Foor would transform the words in a story, poem or letter to a loved one.

From the catalogue one could choose the style for the content. The catalogue is an exhaustive collection of all possibilities one can think of using six font styles (whiskeyjazz, libertinage, cimatics…), three types of content (letter, poem, story) and nine ‘flavours’ or decorations (champagne, coral, pink…). For each of the 162 combinaties you could also choose the support (small book, loose pages, digital message with code).

The catalogue is the result of an experiment with Open Office, a daily digital writing tool. With the help of a series of computerscripts, the graphical designers of the designer collective Open Source Publishing created the different style combinations. All used fonts are developed by the designers, which turns the catalogue also in a letter proof.

With the support of: Bibliotheek Sans Souci & Gemeente Elsene

Openbaar Schrijver