DiVersions v2



DiVersions v2


Download the publication: https://diversions.constantvzw.org/publication/diversions_v2.pdf

Printed copy: 10€ (excl shipping costs)
Order a physical copy by sending an email to info@constantvzw.org

This is the second version of a digital and printed publication with new and reworked contributions by: Rahel Aima, Anaïs Berck, Gert Biesta, Z. Blace, Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Cristina Cochior, Sarah Kaerts, Anne Laforet, Phil Langley, Marie Lécrivain, Nicolas Malevé, Elodie Mugrefya, Zoumana Meïté, Mia Melvær, Martino Morandi, Michael Murtaugh, Colm o’Neill, Hari Prasad Adhikari-Sacré, Kris Rutten, Amir Sarabadani, Femke Snelting, Saskia Willaert.

DiVersions engaged with the potential of on-line cultural heritage for welcoming various forms of collaboration, allowing conflicts to show up, and make space for other narratives. In dialogue with cultural institutions and their collections, the project experimented with digitized and digital heritage to open up databases, metadata, catalogs and digital infrastructures for other imaginations.

DiVersions is initiated by Constant and developed in partnership with: UGent - Department of Educational Studies, Werkplaats immaterieel erfgoed, meemoo - Vlaams Instituut voor het Archief - Expertisecentrum Digitaal Erfgoed, RoSa - Kenniscentrum voor gender en feminisme.

Editorial team: Constant (Elodie Mugrefya, Femke Snelting)
Graphic design: OSP (Gijs de Heij, Sarah Magnan)

DiVersions v2